The Difference

One thing many business owners don’t realize is that the technology industry is not regulated like plumbers, doctors, lawyers, or most other professional services.  This means that anybody can decide they want to be an “IT guy” and fix your computer problems.  So, with an “IT guy” on every corner, how can you tell which one is the right fit for your business?

We are NOT IT guys …

This sounds a little funny coming from a technology consulting firm, but it is a matter of perspective that has a great impact on your business.  At Mundee Managed Services, our focus is on your business and developing a long term, strategic plan for how technology can drive your business goals and vision.  While the individual technology solutions are important, if they are not put together as part of a comprehensive strategic approach, then they are just another expense for your business.

We are NOT vendor reps …

Vendors like Microsoft, HP and others regularly run promotions to incentivize their partners to sell more of their products.  While these incentives can be great, our focus in our relationship with your business is to help you achieve your objectives and goals – not to sell you a new server because it happens to be on sale this month.  We maintain relationships with many different vendors so that we can cherry pick the best pieces to build a custom solution based upon the plan we put together for your business.

What is the plan?

So when that IT company wants to give you their “Free IT Assessment” and immediately start selling you products and services, ask What is the Plan?  Like Benjamin Franklin said, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!  So let us help make sure you have a plan in place first.