Network Assessment

Do you know what is running on your network right now?

If you want to make sure you know what is currently on your network, how well it is running and if it is being protected then a network assessment report is a necessity.

What is the value in a network assessment report?

networkassessment1It is easy to let your network just run, ignoring the regular updates, preventative maintenance and all of the notifications asking you to install security patches. We have experience managing and maintaining networks for companies ranging from small business to enterprises with a wide variety of differences in their infrastructure so we know that the best way to get a complete understanding of your network health is through a Baseline Network Assessment Report. This complete report includes a vulnerability assessment based on extensive network analysis.

Not Knowing Is No Excuse When disaster strikes it is easy to say, “I didn’t know!” and then start pointing fingers.However, not knowing is no excuse to be unprepared for an unexpected event. Mundee Managed Services can provide you with a complete picture that allows you to make better decisions because you are informed. Our network assessment report includes a complete network analysis of every aspects of your company’s network infrastructure including:

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: backup devices, backup software, off-site storage and disaster recovery plan
  • Physical Infrastructure: server room(s), wiring closets (MDF & IDF), power distribution and cooling
  • Network Devices: Windows-based servers and workstations, network switches, routers and hubs
  • Applications: VoIP, e-mail, streaming audio and video, ERP, CRM and more
  • Security: Microsoft updates and security patches, anti-virus, anti-spyware, open ports, unneeded service running and more
  • Vulnerability Assessment: External vulnerability scans based on IP address to be sure you know what may be getting in

How Does This Help? To have a complete understanding of your network is a big deal. Not knowing about the problems does not make them go away. Just like avoiding a doctor will not prevent illness we at Mundee Managed Services know that being able to prevent a problem before it results in disaster is of great value to our clients. We want to help your company prepare for the worst case scenario and be ready to acts in the event your worst fears come true. There is no better place to start than with a Baseline Network Assessment Report.

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