Network Optimization

With the break-neck pace of improvements in computing speed and power, there is a good chance that you have unused capacity in the computers you already have. If your network was built more than two years ago, there is also a good chance that your resources, bandwidth, storage, and processing power are all out of balance. Our network optimization service can help.

Network Optimization and server virtualizationVirtualization makes the most of your IT resources
You may have heard the term “virtualization”, but like so many technology buzz words, it means different things to different people. But virtualization is an emerging technology that can truly transform your existing IT infrastructure into a more powerful and scalable resource to improve your business operations.

Virtualization pools together your physical network resources into a more efficient virtual environment that performs better, is more reliable, and more scalable. In a nutshell, virtualization breaks down the conventional use of dedicated servers, data storage, memory, and other network resources and reconfigures them so that they can support multiple applications and end-users, all at the same time. Think about virtualization as a way to squeeze more computing capacity out of your existing IT infrastructure.

The Benefits of Virtualization
With virtualization, the computing workload that sits on large physical servers is moved to a number of smaller “virtual servers” that reside on the same piece of hardware. Making this change allows us to get more capacity out of your storage, network, memory, and other computing resources. The results are significant. You will see an increase in overall computing capacity and reliability. When you are ready to add applications and users, which demand more computing power, you will find it more affordable to scale.

Reduce Your Hardware Maintenance Cost
When you virtualize your IT infrastructure, everything becomes much more efficient. Typically you will end up requiring fewer physical servers to run your various applications and services. Fewer servers mean fewer high-end machines that need ongoing maintenance or replacement, and that means lower overall cost of ownership.

Improve Your Overall System Performance
Virtualization will balance and optimize your computing resources. Not all of your users have the same computing needs, and not all of the tasks they ask of the network require the same amount of processing power, memory, and storage. Using a virtualized system, the right computing resources and assets are deployed to the right people and tasks at the right time.

Enjoy Better Reliability Through More Redundancy
With a virtualized environment, your computing resources become more flexible and are able to play different roles within your network, as needed. This means that if a critical component – such as a hard drive or a power supply – fails, the system can automatically switch over to another similar component as a stop-gap until the situation can be repaired. This means the likelihood of a critical failure that will result in loss of company information is drastically reduced.

Expand or Upgrade Your Systems With Less Down-time
By running your applications within their own virtual server environments, you can upgrade or change one application without impacting the others that are running in the same box. This gives you much greater flexibility to work on your systems during business hours without disrupting your entire organization. You can even deploy multiple operating systems (i.e. Windows Server 2003, Linux, Windows 7, etc.) on the same hardware platform.

Establish A Foundation For Cloud Computing
With a virtualized computing environment, your system will be primed to integrate cloud-based applications without all the hassles of managing two separate platforms. This is an ideal platform for applications where you have large numbers of users accessing applications and data that you host.

Save Space and Energy In Your Data Center
We’ve replaced networking environments, which filled entire rooms, and consolidated them down to a space the size of a standard kitchen appliance. In office environments where space is at a premium, you can recover that valuable workspace or storage area. In addition, less equipment means much less power and cooling requirements, saving significant money in utility costs.

Will Virtualization Work for You? Find Out For FREE
Virtualization is not for every company. However, if your existing computer network is built on multiple servers, running different applications, and serving many users, then there is a good chance you can realize the benefits described above. Please Contact Us today to arrange for a free, no-obligation assessment of your existing network environment. We will evaluate your situation to determine whether or not virtualization can deliver a positive ROI for you. If so, we will be happy to provide you a quote to upgrade your system.